New Rivalry in Formula 1?

A new season with new liveries has fans buzzing. There are a few new drivers for teams and a chance to show off their developments.

Bahrain GrandPrix- First Race of 2022

At the Bahrain GrandPrix, one of the key highlights was the fierce battle between Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen.

Leclerc leads his team and the race along with Verstappen running in second. This wheel-to-wheel battle was hard to believe, especially for Ferrari.

The last two years were not in Ferrari’s favor. But the Bahrain GrandPrix proved otherwise Ferrari’s future and abilities. First, tactics played a huge role in the battle, with DRS proving to be as powerful despite expectations in 2022.

Each time Verstappen was able to get within one second, he could close in and make an easy pass on Leclerc. Due to the DRS range in Bahrain, Leclerc managed to pick up extra speed on turn 4. Leclerc trusted enough in DRS power to allow the Red-Bull to pass and used that power in existence to take the lead.

New race regulations have also allowed for drivers to follow close to other cars. Providing more race time and exposure.

2022 Bahrain Grand Prix

Saudi Arabia GrandPrix- 2022

In the second race of 2022, Sergio Perez started on pole with Charles Leclerc in second, Carlos Sainz in third, and Max Verstappen in fourth.

First Mexican driver to be on pole, the Jeddah Grand Prix proved to be more welcoming for Red-bull. After having reliability issues in Bahrain, Red-bull managed to be in the lead and provide a strong fight against Ferrari.

Another highlight and astonishing result from Red-bull, Ferrari, and Mercedes.

For the last 6 years, Mercedes dominated the grid, and while they are still a strong team. The Jeddah race was not in their favor as Lewis Hamilton began in 15th place with his teammate, George Russel in 6th.

The strength and opportunity the Ferrari SF22 has brought are impressive running next to the Red-bull.

These past few races have demonstrated that 2022 may be excluding Mercedes from being on the top. However, that does not mean Verstappen will be able to defend his title easily. Ferrari drivers have both been putting up an equal spectacular fight.

The Saudi Arabia GrandPrix once again featured a wheel-to-wheel battle between Leclerc and Verstappen as they battled for first. Using the main straights and DRS. Unfortunately, this race was not in Ferrari’s favor to win 1st.

So far with these past two races of the season, the wheel to wheel scraps between Leclerc and Verstappen have stayed clean. But will they continue to stay that way?

2022 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix



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